The World is getting smaller and smaller, and its problems bigger and bigger.


The Problem we are here to solve

Many feel no influence over global events and even in their localities where they do have potential influence, they have little information and few opportunities for connection.

They are over-exposed to globally controlled media and feel disempowered, anxious, angry or helpless.


There is a growing culture of mistrust and disrespect for organisations, governments, media and each other.

If this continues the result will be social breakdown, more polarisation, extremism and conflict.

Our systems obviously don’t work for our benefit, and we need to change them.

At OurNet we have far more trust in the innate potential of the human species to self-organise for the benefit of all, rather than in the skills and goodwill of self-promoting leaders to organise things for us.

We believe that using the OurNet social intelligence technology that mimics innate human social behaviour, can make the difference we need.

You can see all the local news, get involved in a chat, or have someone answer your questions. An events section lets you know what’s going on in your area of interest.
There will be a marketplace to buy, sell or swap local services or products.
All in one easy to use, personalised online magazine.

  • No Data Mining or selling

  • You are your own Publisher

Add, Edit and Delete articles, comments or posts at will. We will not keep a record

  • Build your own Reputation

As people get to know and trust you, your reputation increases and you become more visible.

If you choose aggression and attack, your reputation reduces and you become less visible


 Our Mission

To create a truly community-focused social media

Our Vision

Empowering vibrant communities and
transforming communication in the real world.



If you would like to participate in developing this project because you love humanity, please email me at

Please don’t bother to spam me or try to sell me anything. It’ll give me extra work, and you won’t gain from it!