The World is getting
smaller and smaller, and its
problems bigger and bigger.


The Problem OurNet is here to solve

The World is getting smaller and smaller, and its
problems bigger and bigger.

Many feel no influence over global events and even
in their localities where they do have potential
influence, they have little information and few
opportunities for connection.

They are over-exposed to globally controlled media
and feel disempowered, anxious, angry or helpless.

OurNet has come to change that! By creating a community focussed social media platform, it aims to facilitate connection, communication and collaboration to create resilient, empowered communities

OurNet is a movement, supported by a web platform, to return power to the grassroots – embracing the spirit of the Magna Carta based upon ancient established common law.

The platform will enable us, the common people, to connect, communicate and collaborate, without intermediation of the state or established media, to organise and control our locality’s affairs and to hold organising authorities to account’.


There is a growing culture of mistrust and disrespect for organisations, governments, media and each other.

If this continues the result will be social breakdown,
more polarisation, extremism and conflict.

Our systems obviously don’t work for our benefit, and we need to change them.

​OurNet is our contribution to the change.

You can see all the local news, get involved in a chat, or have someone answer your questions. An events section lets you know what’s going on in your area of interest.
There will be a marketplace to buy, sell or swap local services or products.
All in one easy to use, personalised online magazine.


Our Mission

To create a truly community-focused social media


Our Vision

OurNet empowers vibrant communities and
transforms communication in the real world.

  • Every decision about the organisation, software or any other aspect of OurNet’s development will explicitly address the question “How will this proposal enhance the maintenance or development of the communities that use the software?”
  • OurNet will live its democratic values in the way it relates to its employees.
  • It will use its own breakthrough social intelligence web technology to organise and facilitate organisational cohesion and direction.
  • Striking a creative balance between leadership and collaboration, OurNet’s team will be vision-driven, working beyond traditional models of work, jobs and remuneration.
  • Ultimately distributed globally as a multidisciplinary team, great emphasis will be placed on a nourishing organisational culture with a supportive team spirit.
  • Great results from open hearts and minds are anticipated, in an open-space environment that regularly checks in with personal and organisational integrity
  • Income of all employees will be constrained by a formula which relates to the poverty threshold in every country in which Ournet has a presence. There will also be a maximum differential between the lowest and highest paid employees in the whole organisation.
  • A bonus structure will be in place to reward staff/partners for contributing to the success of the business.
  •  We encourage people to choose Love over Fear.

Our Values

  • We encourage open hearts, open minds, open source, and open space.
  • We combine self-expression and social intelligence to edify human communication and understanding.
  • Everyone is doing their best, however strange it may seem to us.
  • No one has all the answers.
  • We need each other.
  • Context is more important than control.
  • Fear makes us do funny things
  • Love brings out the best in us.
  •  Ultimately, it’s all about Love…

Our Possibility



A world that works, for all

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